6x Summer Sandal Essentials for your Every Endeavor

As the days are filled with long-sought sunshine and freedom, it’s time for us to show off those wardrobe treasures we’ve kept under the dust for far too long. And nothing screams “summer” more than a good pair of sandals!

Dedicated to and inspired by you – a true woman of now, we’ve selected the very best of handwoven, timeless and high-quality sandals, carefully designed by conscious Latin American designers. Little works of art that’ll keep you at ease, without compromising in style. Comfort, yet with a kiss of luxury and sparkle.

Follow along, as we walk you through our 6 charming Ruana sandal designs!

Oh, the Vanna’s

It was love at first sight when meeting the Vanna’s. This handwoven, earthy-toned leather beauty scores at every occasion, whether you’re casually sipping a coffee in the morning sun or attending a spectacular wedding. Its wooden heels are carved by hand, offering the support you need to effortlessly and elegantly hop around from destination to destination.

Excuse you, Triana

The triana sandals will have you looking glitz and glam, but in a effortless way - the nonchalant “I woke up like this” vibe we all feel oh-so flattered by. Thanks to its unique chain ornament, no one will pass you by without being caught staring!

Sophisticated Laurencia

Just like its name, the Laurencia sandal screams elegance and sophistication. Thanks to its handwoven natural leather, finished with a classy buckle detail, you’ll look and feel like you’re wearing a spectacular piece of art.

Bernadette – the queen of timelessness

When having scored the Bernadette sandals, you have an essential for years to come. This handwoven pearl-white beauty is a must-have to pair with any and every dressed up or down look!

Almudena adventures

These are the kind of flats you’re going to want to head on adventures with. Though they might just be far too pretty to parade the beach with, they are temptingly comfortable. Braided by hand and made with natural leather, the Almudena’s are the perfect everyday essentials that’ll have you drowning in details!

Stop and stare for the Olivetta’s

The Olivetta flats will turn heads and touch hearts. There, we said it. This hand-braided metallic piece will glamourize your every summer look. Bring out the champagne; we’re going to celebrate!

Up and ready to order your favorites? Immerse in our world of handmade Latin-American fusions and rock each and every step of the way!

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