SS'21: A Closer Look!

Would it be rude for us to ask you to stop what you’re doing!? Needless to say, we think you might want to, because our Spring Summer collection is now LIVE!

It isn’t just any collection. This collection is bound to take you on a journey, as each piece beautifully represents the immeasurable creativity of conscious Latin American designers. We want you to radiate timelessness, versatility and exclusivity, all while keeping ethical practices, artisan work and sustainability at the very top of our list.

Come closer, as we further show you what it’s all about!


Upon trying on a piece, you’ll immediately notice its astonishing quality. The secret? Mother nature! Or in other words: our selected variety of planet-friendly fabrics, such as organic cotton, tencel, viscose, baby alpaca and linen. Breathable, lasting, and oh my... the details!


...Yes, let’s talk about those details! As many garments are handmade, no piece is exactly the same, making each detail a form of art. Fringe sleeves, embroidered collars, patted shoulders or front ties: each piece is worth staring at. Though we’d best describe the color palette as earthy, it includes a sure touch of spice and edginess!

From inside to beyond

Each look is worthwhile, as it can be mixed and matched and dressed up as well as down. Wear with sneakers, flats or heels; throw a blouse over a tee or pimp with one of our statement knits and handbags. One piece – endless possibilities. As summer nears and terraces open back up, the stage is set for you to make new memories. We truly hope you adore the collection, as each piece is carefully selected to embody the evolved you – a woman of now.

Shop the “women of now” collection online at or come and meet us in store today @curatedbyedo (Lange Koepoortstraat 64-68, 2000 Antwerp).

See you soon!


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