An ode to motherhood!

This Sunday is a special one, as we get to celebrate our life givers! Though this mother’s day may be a little bit different from others, it won’t stop us from sharing love and showing appreciation.

There’s no way that we could ever thank mom’s enough for their seemingly endless strength, selflessness and sacrifices. But could a storewide discount at Ruana at least be a noble attempt!?

We believe so, because we have a whole load of goodies in stock to make every mom feel incredibly special today! Allow us to get you warmed up with some of our favorite essentials for each and every strong woman:

Discover the full collection here.

Use discount code MOTHERSDAY10 at checkout to get 10% off storewide!

*only valid today

Cheers to all mommies out there, you’re true superheroes!

Sending love,


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