Evolved You, Evolved Us: Meet MUNDO by RUANA

As we breathe in that fresh spring air, we feel a sense of relief. It’s been an unusual year for us all. Thankfully, us women are true chameleons. We take on many roles and adapt to anything life throws at us. Throughout these unprecedented times we decluttered, became more conscious and – most of all - evolved into better versions of ourselves.

Here at RUANA, that has been no different. A new way of living has brought about a fresh fashion approach. Hence, we feel the time is ripe to introduce you to...


With our evolved vision, we joined forces with creative and conscious Latin American designers. Brands joining RUANA are VAGRANT, SAYA, INMACULADA, KILLA KNITS, QUIMERA, ZUNICA and 4TO CLOSET. Together, we bring to the world the finest curation of handcrafted, timeless essentials and limited edition pieces.

Each piece is carefully designed; each look is carefully selected to offer you comfort, exclusivity and versatility, using natural, high-quality materials only. We’re devoted to embracing "the women of now", all while supporting ethical practices and artisan work.

Celebrate with us, as we count down to our Spring Summer 2021 launch!

Join our world. Be part of the change.



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