Caring for your garment

Be gentle with your precious garment. Every RUANA piece is made of delicate alpaca fiber and therefore needs special care. Keep in mind that alpaca is an anti-bacterial, odor-resistant and stain-resistant fiber that does not need to be cleaned often.

Dry cleaning, hand washing and drying your garment


For all our alpaca garments, we suggest dry cleaning. Overall, dry cleaning is the only recommended alternative for our ruanas, capes, coats, fur scarves and shawls la imperial and la royal. Washing by hand is possible for knitwear such as our pura pants, perla pullover, terra pullover, scarf la india and shawl la artesanal. In case of hand washing, please do this with extra care: use cool water and a mild cleanser such as shampoo. Avoid twisting the garment and use a towel to remove excessive moisture. Reshape the garment and lay flat to air dry. Note that using your washing machine's hand wash cycle is NOT recommended as your garment will be likely to shrink. Using warm or hot water will cause your garment to shrink too. 


Ironing your garment


All our garments can be ironed at lower temperature. Use a cloth or handkerchief between your iron and the fabric. 

Removing stains

If your garment has a stain, we suggest taking it to a professional dry-cleaner and informing the staff about the stain that needs removing.