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 The creation of RUANA came about as part of a rediscovery in my own country, Peru, and in the case of my husband, Stefan, the revelation of another of Peru's many treasures. During our visit in 2018, we met a family of skilled artisans who captivated us with their world of gorgeous textiles made of alpaca fiber. Not long after, we started conceiving the idea behind Ruana together.

Peru is home of some the finest raw materials and natural fibers in the world. We have generations of artisans who craft with their hands and have a close relationship with their environment through observation and practice. Making use of nature's own resources is not a new trend; it is natural to them and has been the core of their rich textile tradition since pre-conquest Peru. And alpaca, a marvelous fabric unparalleled in quality, has been one of the country's golden materials throughout its history. Producing 80% of the world's alpaca yarn, Peru sets the standard for highest quality within the alpaca market. Moreover, alpacas help sustain the lives of over 100,000 Peruvian families, mainly in the Andes. 



The fact that some techniques are getting lost presented an opportunity for us to reinvent and help keep these ancient techniques alive. The soul of the Ruana brand lies in this legacy. On the other hand, we draw inspiration on contemporary European fashion culture and design. Merging and contrasting both worlds was meant to become our natural path. Our collections feature exclusive and refreshing pieces merging traditional techniques with contemporary design. 

Working with alpaca fiber has been our focus at RUANA from the start. And in the Spring of 2021 we launched our MUNDO by RUANA concept. MUNDO by RUANA brings to the world the finest curation of handcrafted, timeless essentials and limited edition pieces from creative and conscious Latin American designers. Each style is carefully designed to offer you comfort, exclusivity and versatility, using natural, high-quality materials only. We're devoted to bringing out the very best in you, all while supporting ethical practices and artisan work.  

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Carolina & the RUANA team

What we stand for


Sustainability is becoming a buzzword nowadays. At Ruana, we are definitely in the quest towards a cleaner fashion industry, but sustainability is a large word with many implications. Making ourselves accountable at every step is a realistic start. Responsibility is about making conscious choices and decisions as a brand. Building strong relationships with our partners and paying them fair wages is a top priority. We use natural fibers and natural dyes to create gorgeous colors; we produce in small batches to avoid waste and have used compostable packaging right from the start. Responsibility remains being about doing the right thing and doing our research.


Crafting with the finest and softest alpaca fiber is a legacy that has transcended generations. Helping to keep ancient techniques alive and paying tribute to the rich cultural heritage of Peru form the roots of who we are as a brand. Equally, we draw inspiration from contemporary European fashion culture and are passionate about contrasting and merging traditional and modern techniques and elements to create refreshing pieces. Experimenting with functional design to maximize wearability is also important to us. Honoring the old while reimagining the new is what this value captures. 


We want to create authentic pieces to accompany you for years to come. With the proper care, your alpaca garments can last a lifetime. Alpaca is a soft, luxury fiber with many properties; it is hypoallergenic, breathable and odor and stain resistant. We currently have a small production so each garment remains exclusive and is made for few. Our pieces are often a result of collaborations with different talents and many human hands creatively working together. Learning to appreciate the different stories and the human effort behind each process is something beautiful we hope to transmit to customers too.